Smart Omega ®

A range of high quality fish oil supplements for all stages of life. Manufactured in the UK using oil from fish wild caught in the Canadian Pacific.

The Smart Omega range features six separate lines all offering benefits to people from infancy to old age.

Smart Omega

A one a day 1000mg capsule for general well-being and health

Smart Omega Q10

Smart Omega Q10 has the highest dose of omega-3 fatty acids in the range. The Fish oil is combined with coenzyme Q10 to help with internal cell energy.

Smart Omega Baby

A pleasant tasting bottled product with natural lemon & vitamins that may help with the development of the brain and visual organs in children from 6 months.

Smart Omega Kids

A great tasting orange flavoured chewable capsule Fish Oil that may help with brain development and concentration levels in children.

Smart Omega Junior

A great tasting, orange flavoured softgel capsule with a powdery texture.

Smart Omega Teenager

With Lutein for the benefit of Teenage eyes.

The Smart Omega range is sold in the Ukraine and in other Russian speaking markets.

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