silicol®skin has a unique mode of action physically binding nasties from the skin. Its key ingredient, colloidal silica works naturally to adsorb irritants, impurities and bacteria. These may be the cause of problem skin.

The formulation is alcohol, perfume and paraben free.

In a recent study conducted by Dermatest*

  • 95% of trialists rated silicol®skin good or very good
  • 95% felt they had less oil on their skin
  • 90% would recommend silicol®skin to a friend
  • Measurements showed an 81% reduction in skin sebum and more than a 30% decrease in bacteria

*Trial conducted summer 2019 to assess the effectiveness of silicol skin. Patients all suffered from spots, acne or ‘problem’ skin. Subjective assessment and also lab measurement of oil and bacteria reduction

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