Weight Loss

formoline L112 weight loss treatment

formoline L112 is a lipid adsorbent which:

  • Helps treat excess weight
  • Supports long term weight control
  • Lowers cholesterol intake from diet

The unique L112 fibre bind a significant amount of dietary fats in the gastrointestinal trace and prevents them from being absorbed and stored in the body. As a result, users can cut down on calories, lose weight and maintain a long term healthy weight.

Several up to date clinical studies have compared the weight loss effectiveness of formoline L112 versus placebo, when used in combination with a calories controlled diet and mild exercise.

ALL these studies demonstrated that formoline L112 was significantly more effective than placebo at reducing body weight and BMI.

Effective weight loss for formoline L112 users was between +45% and 130% extra compared to placebo users. formoline L112 also had a greater effect than placebo on waist size reduction*.

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