Vaxol ®

Treats compact earwax and prevents it from reforming in a safe, easy to use spray.

  • VAXOL is an earwax removal spray that has been designed to conveniently soften and remove compact or excess earwax and reduce the need for the standard medical procedures required to remove plugs of compacted earwax
  • Helps improve hearing and reduce ear discomfort
  • Provides a metered dose spray that lines the ear canal. No mess, seepage or spillage. Use and go
  • Delivery via a pump and actuator specially designed for insertion into the ear canal
  • Contains an active ingredient that is 100% natural with a high content of poly-phenols delivering important anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • VAXOL can also be used as a preventative against the build up of earwax by lubricating the skin of the ear canal and regulating normal levels of earwax