VAXOL softens and helps remove compacted earwax, preventing it from reforming. The product, housed in a glass bottle & containing pharmaceutical grade olive oil, delivers a manually actuated, metered dose of spray into the auditory canal. VAXOL is safe and easy to use in both adults and children.

VAXOL has a simple yet unique delivery system capable of dispensing a 50 microlitre unit dose of olive oil into the outer ear. It eliminates the need for the use of a dropper thereby significantly reducing spillage or waste.

In preparation for syringing, many countries now recommend that olive oil is instilled into the auditory canal to soften the earwax prior to the procedure. VAXOL has been specifically designed to simplify the process.

By lubricating the skin of the ear canal, VAXOL can also help people suffering from itchy ears.

VAXOL is available throughout Central Europe and Scandinavia as well as in Germany, Greece and the Ukraine.

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