A lubricating and moisturising spray for nasal dryness containing Yerba Santa and Sea Salt.

Nezantol cleans & lubricates the nasal membranes to reduce nasal dryness.

Preservative free for use by both adults & children, for those suffering from:

• nasal dryness

• nasal congestion

• sinusitis

• post nasal drip

As a natural alternative to decongestants and steroids, Nezantol® can be used daily to help –

• relieve dryness caused by a lack of humidity

• reduce nasal crusting and congestion

• thin nasal secretions

• clear post-operative debris

• and relieve post nasal drip

Use also in dry environments such as air conditioned and centrally heated homes or whilst flying and at altitude.

Nezantol® contains a patented formulation of polysaccharides and glycoproteins. These are derived from the Yerba Santa plant to provide natural moisture and lubrication.

Yerba Santa is a flowering plant indigenous to the foothills of the Pacific Northwest, USA.

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