formoline L112

formoline L112 is Germany’s No.1 selling Pharmacy weight loss tablet. Clinically Proven to get results, formoline L112 helps users lose up to 50% more wight than with dieting and exercise alone.

Taken with meals, formoline L112 binds dietary fats in the stomach, reducing the absorbtion of these fats by the body. Unlike some other weight loss treatments, formoline L112 is very well tolerated by the body.

Clinically proven to get results

Proven in a 12 month study – A unique, year long trial published in ‘Current Developments in Nutrition’, has shown the formoline L112 is an effective weight loss treatment. Half the participants received the natural weight loss tablet whilst the other half received a placebo. Both groups reduced their caloric intake by 10% and increased their physical activity by taking 1hr of brisk walking every day.

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